Bournemouth and Dorset Threshold Dialogue:
Through the gate, multi-stakeholder partnership to reduce re-offending

In January 2006, Prison Dialogue launched the Bournemouth Threshold Dialogue pilot, an innovative inter-agency intervention based on Dialogue, to support high-repeat offenders leaving HMP Dorchester and returning to the community in Boscombe, Bournemouth. The aim was to reduce their re-offending. Over the next 5 years this developed into Dorset Threshold Dialogue with a network of Threshold Dialogues in three prisons and three community centres, a multi-agency team of trained facilitators, an integrated inter-agency Operations Group and Governance Board......... Read More

Read more about Threshold Dialogue in our paper
Threshold Dialogue - A Proposal

Hear more about the value of Threshold Dialogue on the video. In the first half of the film, hear police officers, a magistrate, Prison Liaison Housing worker, ex-offender and Detective Inspector answer the question: What is the value of Threshold Dialogue to you? In the second half, the Safer Stronger Communities Manager, ex—offenders, a police officer, an elected member of the local council, and the local government Housing Manager talk about how Threshold Dialogue has helped partnership working and resettlement services in their community.

“I have learned a lot today. I’ve always blamed Probation for areas that they no longer have the remit, time or resources for. My mind has been completely changed by what I’ve heard today”.
Prison Officer.

“Other people highlighting your strengths give you the confidence you need to move forward and change. Sometimes other people’s feedback can be uncomfortable at first but once you’ve processed it, it can help”.

“Dialogue helps you to break down stereo-typical beliefs – eg between police and offenders - because when you talk to people in a situation like that that you see their human side, whether you agree with their views or not”.
Police Officer