Introducing a check-in is the simplest way to improve the quality of your meetings.

A check-in is a structure at the start of a meeting or dialogue that includes everyone by giving each person an opportunity to speak in turn.  While one person is speaking everyone else listens to them.  Once the check-in is complete and everyone has spoken you transition into the content of the meeting or dialogue with the understanding generated by the check-in as the foundation.

The purpose of a check-in is to:

• Ensure people are fully present and attentive
• Get all of the voices into the room
• Help everyone to listen
• Hear people’s interests or check the agenda
• Create energy and possibility (container)
• Initiate the direction of the conversation

You can use various forms to the check-in that have a different impact (eg Tagged, Free Form, Around the Circle).

The check-in can include a question to set the direction of the meeting and deliberately focus attention in some area.

The skill in setting a check-in is to chose the right question and the right form for what you want and need to achieve.

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