Container Development 

When children grow-up they move from the container of the family home, to school, to college, to work and their own home.  Each of these containers provides them with what the need at that time to grow and develop.  It would be unhealthy for them to move too early, and equally unhealthy for them to stay where they are when their personal growth requires the next challenge.  From Dialogic point of view, individuals, teams, initiatives, organisations are all progressing through a developmental journey too.  As they develop they require a different container for the next phase of growth.  Each phase requires particular work and a break-through to cross, at the right time, from one phase to the next.  There are 4 phases of Container Development.  

The first phase is REALISING YOURSELF, during which you work to understand something for yourself, and grow part of yourself by doing so.  When you have the confidence you are ready to SHOW UP, only your fear of shame stops you.  In SHOWING UP you bring the newly developed part of yourself to the outside world and attract attention and feedback, both positive and negative.  As you repeatedly show up, you start to OCCUPY THE GROUND and stand by and for what you do continually.  Finally you AFFECT THE FIELD, when you want others to be influenced and inspired by what you are doing.  

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