Executive / Management Dialogue

The Executive and the Management of Correctional Systems, like all organisations, have inter-related but different interests, aspirations and needs.   Over and above the day-to-day issues, the Executive has to manage political reporting, policy issues, strategic longer-term plans, budget measures, regulatory conformity and efficiency of scale.  The Management is generally more concerned with delivering the short-term plan and second-guessing the next demand from the Executive.  Each grouping will at times find the other to be surprisingly lacking in understanding of their situation and what they are handling.  Because they are the more senior, under pressure the Executive will generally resort to more directive and forceful one-way statements of what they require.  This works because prisons tend to have a military organisational structure, but it only works to a degree. The Executive / Management interface will really benefit from informed decision-making based on quality two-way conversations that explore the assumptions and implications of changes proposed. This is where good Dialogue is critical.

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