Facilitation Training for Criminal Justice Staff:
Creating a local facilitation team for Dorset Threshold Dialogue

We recommend that this Case Study is read in conjunction with the Through the Gate Partnership Case Study which provides an overview of the initiative within which it took place.

In October 2003, Prison Dialogue began working with staff and prisoners in HMP Dorchester on a whole-system intervention aimed at shaping a decent and effective local prison. Integral to the Prison turnaround plan was engagement with the community in a through-the-gate intervention called Threshold Dialogue, a prison based, community-linked programme to work with offenders and agencies across the ‘threshold’ (ie the prison gate) prior to and post release.

In 2008 Threshold Dialogue entered a new phase focussed on embedding the programme in local ownership and operation in Bournemouth and Dorset, to enable long term sustainability without Prison Dialogue. The Threshold Dialogue network was increased to include 6 prisons and community sites across the area, to follow the offender journey and fit with local interests.  A three-tier structure was established for local inter-agency ownership and operation.  Leadership and strategy was established through the statutory Governance Board, local process and practice was managed through the Operations Group and the Facilitation Team was set up and trained to provide sustainable facilitation for all of the Dialogues across the all of the Threshold Dialogue sites.......... Read More