Forming Teams

Every re-organisation, and there are many of them, requires the forming of new teams.  The difference between a good team compared to a poor team is easily measured in terms of improved goodwill between team members, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.  To become a team, members need to be clear about their purpose and vision, the planned way of getting there and how to play their part well.  All of these can be developed and owned by team members through good Dialogue, and using Dialogue accelerates the formation of the team and gets things up and running faster.  Team formation is often also required for teams that have been in existence for some time.  A clue to whether or not Dialogue is needed is how team members feel about their team meetings.  If they involve the same few people dominating proceedings, poor follow-through with decisions, and a general waste of time – then Dialogue is needed to help bring the team into functional working order.