Implicate Change 

The Implicate Change Model is a Dialogic participatory pattern for change.   It starts with a real need or opportunity that matters to people, and therefore has some energy.  Through Cycles of Engagement those for whom it matters are included in talking and thinking together about what is needed.  Every time you find yourself talking about “Them”, people who are not in the room, you include them in the next Cycle.

In practice, the change may start at the Top.  In that case the Top-Down approach will cascade engagement and ownership through the ranks, progressing naturally to prisoners/offenders and external stakeholders.  Bottom-up, where the change comes from local initiative, an early Cycle of Engagement will need to include senior managers to gain sponsorship.  If the change starts in one Department, once the internal needs are addressed, the inter-dependence with other Departments will lead to their inclusion in the next Cycle of Engagement. 

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