Letters from America and from the UK

In the interests of promoting a global Dialogue to understand of the state of Prisons and Corrections, Prison Dialogue is asking informed individuals from different countries all over the world to write short articles about the state of the Correctional systems in their country as they see it, for inclusion on our website. 

The first ones are from America (hence the ‘Letter from America’, after the series of radio broadcasts on American life, history and politics by the journalist Alistair Cook which ran from 1946 to 2004), and from the UK. 

The views expressed in the articles represent those of the authors and are not necessarily those of Prison Dialogue – but clearly one of the fundamental tenets of Dialogue is to acknowledge that all individuals are entitled to hold and to explain their own views.  Letters may be edited to ensure consistency with editorial guidelines.  

If you wish to make a comment on any of these letters or submit a letter please contact us via the Contact Us form or e-mail us at