Dorset Threshold Dialogue Governance Board

We recommend that this Case Study is read in conjunction with the Through the Gate Partnership Case Study which provides an overview of the initiative within which it took place.

From 2006 to 2010 Prison Dialogue developed a multi–agency systemic through the gate initiative to work with offenders from the Dorset Area to reduce reoffending.   It began as Bournemouth Threshold Dialogue based in HMP Dorchester and Boscombe, an area of Bournemouth.  Prison Dialogue saw the need and opportunity to extend the network to include other prisons and community sites and recognised that the decision and management of that growth should be led and managed locally.  In 2008 Prison Dialogue partnered with Dorset Police to gather relevant agencies, and proposed setting up a local governance structure to provide strategic direction, operation and management of Threshold Dialogue across the system.  As Threshold Dialogue extended from Bournemouth across the County of Dorset, the initiative became known as Dorset Threshold Dialogue.......... Read More.