Staff / Prisoner Dialogue 

Those members of the prison staff who deal face-to-face with prisoners have a challenging and potentially rewarding role.  It all depends on the quality of communication and relationships between staff and prisoners.  In some prisons this works well and there is safe and decent incarceration, whilst in others there seems to be continual dissent, challenge and conflict.  It would seem that staff and prisoners have contradictory interests given that prisoners want to get out and staff have to keep them inside prison.  In large part, though, staff and prisoners have exactly the same interests.  Both want safety, security, stability and purposeful activity whether they live or just work in prisons.   Dialogue can break down the barriers between different groups of prisoners, and between prisoners and staff.  As this happens it becomes evident that all prisoners and all staff like to participate in an intelligent and compassionate way, and when they do not there is a reason for this which can be understood and addressed through Dialogue.

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