Threshold Dialogue:
Through the Gate Partnership FOR RESETTLEMENT

In January 2006, Prison Dialogue launched the Bournemouth Threshold Dialogue pilot, an innovative inter-agency intervention based on Dialogue, to support high-repeat offenders leaving HMP Dorchester and returning to the community in Boscombe, Bournemouth. The aim was to reduce their re-offending. Over the next 5 years this developed into Dorset Threshold Dialogue with a network of Threshold Dialogues in three prisons and three community centres, a multi-agency team of trained facilitators, an integrated inter-agency Operations Group and Governance Board.

The following four Case Studies should be read together to give a full overview of the work.

Bournemouth and Dorset Threshold Dialogue:
Through the gate, multi-stakeholder partnership to reduce re-offending

Facilitation Training for Criminal Justice Staff:
Creating a local facilitation team for Dorset Threshold Dialogue


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