The following articles have been written by Peter Garrett for Around Corrections, the Official Newsletter of the Virginia Department of Corrections.

What is Dialogue - February 2013
What is a Check-In - March 2013
What are the Modes of Engagement - April/May 2013
What is a Safe Container - June/July 2013
What are the Dialogic Actions - August 2013
What are the Dialogic Practices - October 2013
What are the Leading Energies - March 2014
Who is Accountable for the Healing Environment - May 2014
Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia - Sept 2014
What is the Offender Resettlement Journey - Nov 2014
What is Dialogic Coaching Training - Jan 2015 
Dialogue, Learning Teams and Learning - March 2015

Dialogue. Learning Teams and Evidence Based Practice - May 2015
What is a Working Dialogue - July 2016

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