What is Prison Dialogue?

Prison Dialogue is a not-for-profit charity, governed by a Board of Trustees and Director, and registered in 1995 as a limited company in England.  The Director (Peter Garrett), the Programmes Director (Jane Ball) and the Prison Dialogue Council have first-hand expertise, in the UK and the US, of managing and researching Prisons and Corrections, and applying and sponsoring Dialogue in the Criminal Justice System.  Prison Dialogue aspires to have global reach in order to inspire the use of Dialogue in the Criminal Justice System internationally.

Prison Dialogue welcomes those from the Criminal Justice System who are interested to learn more about the practice of Dialogue, and value it adds, to become Associates. Associates have the opportunity to learn from the experience of other Associates.  They also have access to more information, including training courses and materials, and support from the Prison Dialogue Council.