Dialogue Skills Training

The Dialogue Skills Training is a one-day or 3-module programme to introduce Dialogue Engagement Skills.  It was developed with the sponsorship of the US National Institute of Corrections, and is being delivered to every member of staff in the Virginia Department of Corrections. In the DST, participants develop skills for using check-ins, Dialogic Modes, Dialogic Actions, Dialogic Practices and check-outs.  It is a participatory session, where participants experience the skill in carefully designed exercises, reflect on the relevance for them and how they could apply what they have learned immediately.  They also have a group dialogue to practice the skills.

The DST is a simple way to immediately impact the culture and level of engagement in your prison, internally and with external stakeholders. If you would like to attend a Dialogue Skills Training Session in the UK please get in touch.

Read the articles have been written by Peter Garrett for the official newsletter of the Virginia Dept of Corrections to support the introduction of Dialogue through the Dialogue Skills Training to all of the 12,000 staff across the Department.

Further materials are available for Associates. Click Here