Patrick Henry Correctional Unit, Martinsville Probation & Parole District and Danville Probation and Parole District of the Virginia Department of Corrections hosted an Offender Resettlement Journey event on Sept 23rd 2014. The goal of the Virginia Department of Corrections and its many partner agencies is lasting Public Safety for the Commonwealth of Virginia, achieved by the successful resettlement of offenders as citizens living in and contributing to the community. 

The Offender Resettlement Journey shows how everyone can contribute to more successful resettlement. It tracks the path of an offender from arrest, through court and sentencing, jail, prison (in its many and varied forms), re-entry into the community-during probation or parole supervision- to resettlement. The offender is the only person to experience every step of the journey; the ups and downs, the emotional, social and physical challenges and changes. Their stories highlight the impact that every interaction has on their journey, positively or negatively, through a formal intervention or seemingly insignificant conversation, so that agencies and their staff can consider how individually and collectively they can improve the way that they help offenders to make positive and progressive changes in their lives. The aim of the Offender Resettlement Journey is to lead agencies to identifiy gaps, service duplications, opportunities for formal and informal collaboration that will improve the resettlement of offenders.

A local journalist was present in the morning and wrote in the Martinsville Bulletin about the offenders' stories. Read article


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